The staff at Tall Tree Engineering have over ten years of combined experience assisting rural developers rural throughout Mendocino County with engineering design and regulatory permitting. Our services include all phases of land improvements from project identification, to land surveying, and design. We have developed relationships with local businesses and government agencies to help you successfully navigate the intricacies of rural development.

Many of our successes have come from working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to obtain Streambed Alteration Agreements, otherwise known as 1600 Permits, for our clients. Fish and Wildlife requires that drainage structures such as pond spillways and culverts have adequate capacity for the 100-year storm event frequently when businesses from the cannabis industry, and elsewhere, are gaining the permits for getting a new business off its feet. Our staff can help you prepare the hydrology reports and improvement plans needed to show that your drainage structures have the required capacity and provide you with design strategies if they don’t.

Additionally, we have the ability to provide bathymetric surveys to help you with water rights compliance reporting, determine pond volumes, and decide how to best measure flows for to the State Water Resources Control Board.

Given how rural Mendocino County is, it’s often necessary to build septic systems to treat residential and commercial wastewater, because sewer systems are not present nearby. We provide services that will help you in all phases of your septic system design including: soil prospecting, Wet Weather Percolation & Groundwater Testing, and find the most suitable Onsite Waste Treatment System (OWTS) for your residential or commercial septic system.

When developing or improving property within the unincorporated areas of Mendocino County, the California Building Code requires that a grading permit is obtained when 50 cubic yards or more of earth is excavated, used as fill, or both. We can provide an initial consultation, land surveying, design, and permit administration assistance for your grading projects. Our staff has the experience needed to effectively work with the County of Mendocino Planning and Building Department to obtain the grading permits required for your earthwork projects. Whether it be residential or commercial buildings, greenhouse pads, roadway improvements, wastewater, agricultural or reservoir design, underground utility trenching, or vineyard development, we you are ready to jump on board and help you to the best of our knowledge and ability.

Our experience in Mendocino County also includes design services for concrete, wood, and Keystone retaining walls, shallow foundations for building and greenhouses, American Disability Act (ADA) compliance projects, lateral force resistance systems (seismic resistance systems) and construction staking.

Cities: Willits, Fort Bragg, and Ukiah

Each city government in Mendocino County has its own unique set of rules and regulations which they use to regulate land development, building, vineyard, and cannabis projects. Our staff understands the processes, expectations, and regulations pertinent to landdevelopment and property improvement projects within the cities of Willits, Ukiah, and Fort Bragg. We have extensive experience working within City Ordinances, which makes the process of your development more efficient and cost effective.

We can help you with many common project improvements that within the cities of Willits, Fort Bragg, and Ukiah, including; sewer, storm water and domestic drinking water line replacements design and inspection, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance plans for driveways, sidewalks, ramps and parking facilities, and assistance with compliance for wastewater discharge permits for commercial and industrial businesses. We are experienced in writing hydrology and drainage reports for site development, preparingsite, parking, grading, and landscaping plans, and are ready toassistance with obtaining Grading and Building Permits, obtaining local and Caltrans State Encroachment Permits, and retaining wall design.

We also have experience presenting projects to the public for consideration and approval, and we have strong relationships with City staff members to make the process of development within the cities of Ukiah, Fort Bragg, and Willits a successful and smooth experience.

Additionally, we offer general drafting services, topographic mapping and surveying, construction staking, and prepare Water Pollution Control Plans and Stormwater Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) that to be submitted by contractors to regulators for construction work outside and within each City limits.


Our staff has experience helping land and business owners develop properties in rural areas while complying with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. We know how to successfully navigate your projects through the County of Mendocino, California State Water Quality Control Board, California Department of Water Resources, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Army Corps of Engineers regulatory agencies.

Other services we may assist you with during your Laytonville development project include; all areas of cannabis compliance, topographic and bathymetric pond surveys, pond spillway design, pond capacity curves and finding the best way to measure pond volumes. We have helped many of our Laytonville clients with grading and drainage plans, road improvements plans, erosion and sediment control plans, mitigation plans, sizing culverts, investigate and design septic systems, verify existing foundation adequacy or provide new designs for shallow foundations for greenhouses and buildings.

Because we’re a small local company, with local staff, we understand your needs. Our goal is to work efficiently through our experience and with effective communication to give you the best possible product and outcomes without having the high overhead and administrative costs that a larger company may have.

Anderson Valley

In the western part of Mendocino County lies the historically rich agricultural areas of Anderson Valley. Tall Tree Engineering staff has enjoyed working with vineyards and wineries to comply with their water rights and assist heritage cannabis farmers develop their lands. We know how to optimize space with grading plans as well as offer affordable topographic surveys.