Most land development and construction projects in unincorporated parts of Sonoma County need to be reviewed, permitted and approved by Permit Sonoma. Our staff has extensive experience working with the Permit and Resource Management Department (PRMD) and the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office in Sonoma County to make this process an efficient and successful experience. We have experience collaborating directly with regulators and land developers over a wide range of projects including; doing topographic surveys and construction staking, obtaining Encroachment Permits, Use Permits, Well and Septic Permits, Grading and Drainage Permits, as well as Best Management Practice (BMP) designing for Low Impact Development (LID) utilizing the City of Santa Rosa Technical Design Manual.

Similar to counties with both rural and urban areas, most places in Sonoma County use septic systems to treat and dispose wastewater. We offer services to clients for all phases of septic system design that include: soil prospecting, Wet Weather Percolation & Groundwater Testing, and Onsite Waste Treatment Systems (OWTS) for residential or commercial septic systems.

Our experience with wineries has us well versed with the Sonoma County Vineyard & Orchard Site Development (VESCO) Ordinance so that we can determine whether Level 1 and Level 2 permitting is required for our clients. We have extensive knowledge and experience with winery wastewater pond design and treatment systems.

Our ability to assist in all phases of project implementation allows us to work closely with clients and regulators to assure projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner. We look forward to working with you on your Sonoma County land development project.

The residential and commercial wastewater regulations in Sonoma County is a changing landscape that is a necessity for any development. Our staff has the experience working with the appropriate regulators to assure the wastewater component of your project does not create permitting delays

It’s often necessary to build septic systems to treat residential and commercial wastewater because sewer systems are not available nearby. We provide services that will help you in all phases of your septic system design including: soil prospecting, Wet Weather Percolation & Groundwater Testing, and find the most suitable Onsite Waste Treatment System (OWTS) for your residential or commercial septic system.